Mexico, 2020

Some items of interest:

Customs Forms

You can fill out your immigration entry form online here.
You can fill out your customs declaration form online here. Switch to English in the top, right-hand corner.
Filling out these forms online and printing them off will definitely save time and hassle tomorrow. 

Flights on January 10

We have a tight connection in Chicago. In analyzing our flight (United 1656) from Chicago to CancĂșn on FlightAware, this route is flown daily. On every day except Saturday, United flies a smaller plane, a 737-900 and the departure gates are scattered throughout Concourse B and C at O’Hare. On Saturdays only, they fly a 777-200, which is the plane we are flying on. Every Saturday for the last two months they have departed from gate C16 at O’Hare, so I’m fairly sure that we will depart from Gate C16.

From Knoxville, we are on United flight 4397. That flight usually arrives at a gate in Concourse E in Chicago, but sometimes in Concourse F. Both concourses are in Terminal 2, but we will depart Chicago at Terminal 2. So... we have to switch terminals. O’Hare has this page that explains connecting between terminals.

Here is the bad news: the airport shuttle is shut down for renovation. That means to avoid going back through security at Terminal 1, we have to walk (or probably run) from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. (The alternative is to leave the secured side and take the shuttle bus over to Terminal 2, where we would have to go back through security; thus, that really isn’t an option at all). Our scheduled arrival time is 6:59 AM, with a departure time of 7:40 AM. The good news is, analyzing these flights, the flight from Knoxville to Chicago is usually about 25 minutes early. Hopefully, that will be the case with us. Even at that, we will have no time to waste in getting over there. Suni and I have hoofed it over there before, and it’s kind of a trek. Here’s an airport map.

We should be fine; we will just have to hurry. 

Airport transfer

We are booked with Canada Transfers from Cancun International Airport to the Beloved Playa Mujeres. This is a private transfer in a 9-passenger van. Cold Modelos will be waiting in the van for the fellas, champagne for the ladies. The Beloved Playa Mujeres is about a 35 minute drive from the Cancun Airport.

The Williams' have a later flight back and a separate voucher for the return trip to the airport on January 15. 

The Resort

The Beloved fact sheet explains what is included and what is not, and just gives general information about the resort. The resort map will probably be helpful.  Food and beverage information is below. 

Restaurants & Bars

On the Food & Beverage page, I have a description of all restaurants and bars and have all the menus for breakfast lunch and dinner, along with a hotel map and fact sheet.